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Starting Dec 2, 2021

Meet weekly On Thursdays

Six or Nine Month Courses Available

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Growth and Value Driven

  • Welcome! I’m a high performing professional in the healthcare industry that thrives in helping others succeed. I look forward to helping your employees become a valuable asset to your healthcare organization, team, and patients. - Eddie Hearns, Founder

About Our Course

  • My proven and fire tested methodology consists of a bottom up strategy that fosters intelligence and empowers medical billing professionals to adopt a growth mindset in the workforce.
  • Trainees learn about revenue cycle solutions to optimize processes and impact the revenue cycle bottom line for a business. Resulting in increased employee engagement that is authentically motivated to fuel business and go above and beyond their medical coding role.

AAPC Certification

  • Instructor led preparation Course - minimum 80 hours required
  • FREE Code Book and Workbooks
  • 1 Practice Exam
  • AAPC CPC Exam Registration
  • AAPC Membership
  • Hands on Experience

Enriched Virtual Learning

  • Self-paced and instructor led sessions that include office hours for 1-on-1 support will beavailable for 6 or 9 months.
  • Suitable for all learning styles - reduces time pressure, decreases distraction, develops confidence, and integrates with any lifestyle.
  • Learn ICD-11 infrastructure and applicability to coding.


  • Robert D - owner of lawyer firm. The OLDME coding course has presented a great opportunity for our attorneys to understand the arguments presented by coders for the insurance companies and combat them on behalf of our clients. The depth of information presented by Mr. Hearns has provided a basis for which our attorneys now win the cases they previously did not. This is greatly appreciated by our clients.

About the Instructor

  • Mr. Eddie Hearns has been practicing and teaching revenue cycle management for over 30 years. Mr Hearns' healthcare experience includes working as a Senior Revenue Cycle Manager, Vice President of Compliance, Medical Coder and Biller, Professional Expert Witness, and Affidavit Writer.

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