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The Founder Mr. Eddie Hearns has been practicing medical coding for close to 20 years, in the capacities of Senior Revenue Cycle Manager, Vice President of Compliance, VA Coder and Biller, and Professional Expert Witness. While working Full-Time and raising a Family of 5, at the early age of 30, Mr. Hearns helped pilot the STEP program in the New York State school system - Science Technology Education Program that commenced at SUNY New Paltz under a grant by the Rockefeller Foundation. In 1997 the program recruited high school students from the surrounding territories incuding NewBurgh, PoughKeepsie, Wappinger Falls, and more that were from impoverished families and on or above average in Science and Math. The success of the STEP program can be seen today at over hundred of high schools and colleges on the National level. For another 10 years while working as a Data Scientist, Mr. Hearns was an adjunct Lecturer for Bronx and Manhattan Community Colleges in the CUNY system and College of New Rochelle in Statistics and Mathematics. At CNR, Mr. Hearns successfully guided Registered Nurse in Statistics that allowed them to progress in their careers as Senior RN o Nurse Managers. The AAPC’s CPC certification is the gold standard in medical coding and represents world-class expertise that is highly sought and well compensated by medical organizations across the country.

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Benefits of a Certified Professional Coder

Work like a Forensic Investigator! Medical coding requires the ability to examine Clinical Notes and identify the ICD-10 code(s) and HCPCS Level I code(s) that best reflect the the documentation. The vast majority of lost revenue at physician practices or hospitals are correlated to poor documentation and improper coding. Become the go to individual that can revitalize a practice’s revenue cycle and reimbursement. Leave no stone unturned as you work closely with the practice to optimize their protocol and procedures.

Secondary Benefits – Parents Early Age Preparation

Are you ready to prepare to become a physician, nurse practitioner, physician assistant, or registered nurse at a young age? Medical coding is the knowledge required to commence a rigorous training program on the collegiate and post-collegiate platforms.

Test taking Formula

Learn how to pass the CPC exam using a mathematical strategy. The formula that OLDME teaches, if followed, will propel you to successfully passing the CPC Exam. Never fear taking another exam with this formula. Exams are designed with a strategy that can be challenged by employing a vigourous mathematical formula to the process. OLDME has successfully pass many exams with minimal preparation using the same formula. You don’t have to be formally educated to learn the secret.

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