Our products are designed to benefit the family in many ways utilizing digital solutions and SaaS. The products will allow family to monitor and track their families travel locally or abroad known as Family Trail; will allow family to share responsibility for loved ones and keep everyone up to date about their conditions known as Family Care; will allow family to provide prevention and screening for familial disease, maintain health history records, and documents, and so much more known as Family Records. The joy of protecting the family is phenomenal. The time is now to provide comfort to your family by becoming organized and concise. The low cost of the products makes it affordable for all. On a per month basis, it can be covered for less than a cup of coffee or soda pop a day.

Family Records

Private Repository to manage the family health, documents, and communication.

Family Trail

Private and safe travel monitoring and communication for all family trips or vacation.

Oldme 911

It is very unfortunate that we are living in times when human trafficking is at an all time high.


Cybersecurity Application specializing in ISO 27K, CMMC, NIST SP 800-171, NIST SP 800-53, DFARS, FAR, and Center for Internet Security (CIS) for the Department of Defense prime and subprime contractors.


Your well-being is our priority.If you are injured on the job, car accident, or a slip and fall, we will refer you to the best medicolegal professional services to ensure that your indemnity ward and health are restores to maximum medical improvement.You deserve the best and we take pride in our relationships.

About us

OLDME is a digital solution organization specializing in developing SaaS applications to benefit the family for free or at a low cost. OLDME has professionals that are vey experienced at their respective functions. Together, we provide a complete robust solution to address many family concerns. Our team takes pride in making our customer’s user experience compatible with their day to day needs. We are always open to suggestions and would like to become the most customer friendly company in business. We strive for excellence in all our affairs. A satisfied customer is what we strive for. Your happiness is our joy. Our strategy is centered around a joyful customer experience.

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