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The application is designed to provide security to a family of users. Either the application can notify 911 and family members or it will provide an alert to family members that send notification to each member to contact the person in need. With the cybersecurity awareness at an all-time high, the environment is now geared towards protecting family members while traveling abroad as well as nationally. The limitation with google maps will limit the assess to certain areas. In addition, the application can be used to identify family members location by hitting the refresh button on Here I Am. A family travel itinerary is available to schedule or plan a vacation. When a young child or family member is expected to be at a certain location in a certain time, it is possible to create travel alerts that will inform the user when a person enters or leaves that area within a boundary set by the application. Boundary limits up to 10 miles is possible. The ability to track family members in real-time is also possible. However, there is a cost for that service that can be as much as $250 per month depending on the frequency of check in intervals from 15 mins to 4 hours.

Special Features

For less than a cup of coffee per member per month, your family's security cost only $0.99 per member per month. The price of peace of mind is totally worth the cost. Knowing where my family can be located in real-time is priceless. As a user of the service, I have a grown daughter that travels from Newport News, Va to Washington D.C. on Tuesday morning at 4am. I watch her all the way until she arrives at work. The travel alert set for her job address notifies me when she has arrived. My daughter and I have become so much more closer. She knows Daddy is on his job and got her back 100 percent.

How it works

One member is required to register as the administrator. Thereafter, users are added to the application by the administrator. A username and password are assigned to each user. The user will download the application from the google or apple play stores. The user opens the application and enjoys the benefit of being a member. It is that simple. There are too many features to discuss here. Join our user groups to learn more.


The most affordable mobile application on the market to track family travel (i.e., oldme 911). It is priced to make it available to all families. The cost is less than $0.03 daily per member. It will accommodate up to 25 users. If you need to request special pricing, contact us to negotiate. We are here to make families safe first.

Free Trial

FREE 14 Days

We are sure you will like the program. Sign up and join our user group meeting to learn more.

Monthly Plan

$4.99 MONTH

The users know that they are being tracked because they must enable location services on their phone.

Yearly Plan

$49.99 Year

Get all the features and 2 months of free service per year.The yearly plan provides long term care to your team without worrying about monthly payments.


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